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InvokeHER™ Soul & Lifestyle Apotheca™ is the lovechild of Soul Apotheca™, a soul-awakening lifestyle brand by MakisJaspar. Founded on a mission to Empower, Awaken & Enlighten™, we offer an artisan energy apotheca(ry)™, private, personal workshops & spiritual guidance, an inspiring soulful living magazine and a tribe community that helps people find wholeness through an empowered relationship with their soul™ - Divine Self realization.
Join us for a walk in the wild unknown and meet the power of your soul™.

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Personal, private workshops, spiritual guidance and energy coaching that Empower, Awaken & Enlighten™

We are required by law to state that our services and products are sold for curio and entertainment only. We cannot guarantee any result, experience, or outcome from using our merchandise or spiritual services. Our products and services are not substitutes for medical, financial, or psychological advice. Please consult a physician or doctor if you require assistance.

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